Employee Point-of-View

Here's What Our Employees Have to Say About Logic...

  • "We deliver significant value to our clients, solve interesting problems, encounter new challenges, and work with great people."
  • "Logic provides an exciting and challenging work environment that fosters career development and provides exceptional customer service to their clients."
  • "It's a good thing to work with talented people that makes me want to keep up and improve my game."
  • "I love the fact that the first thing the President of Logic emphasized during orientation is that we always do what's best for the customer. So often, other firms only think about their bottom line at the expense of customer need."
  • "Logic people are the most knowledgeable group of people in the industry."
  • "Management is always available and supportive."
  • "Logic is an open door organization that does not put a lot of weight on hierarchy. It is just as easy to talk with the President of the company as it is to talk to a peer."
  • "There is a culture of management openness that provides for free communication and an ability to communicate ideas. This gives everyone a voice, as a good idea can come from anywhere."
  • "Logic offers challenging, autonomous and empowering career opportunities in a high demand industry."
  • "We work hard and are rewarded for our efforts."
  • "Logic is essentially a big company (capabilities, revenue, global presence) that operates and feels like a small company which is very unique."
  • "It is a passionate work culture filled with trust and integrity."
  • "Logic has an open, cooperative, hard-working, yet level-headed, progressive culture. Continuous learning is encouraged, employees understand the value of a healthy work-life balance, and integrity and hard work is valued."