Oracle Retail Cloud Services for Latin America

Logic recently announced expanded Cloud Services solutions for Latin America. Designed to solve key business problems by addressing the specific challenges of retailers in the region, Oracle Retail Cloud Services by Logic Latin America deliver a powerful framework for success.

Not every retailer can afford the up-front investment in IT hardware and infrastructure required for a major business transformation. Recognizing that retailers in these circumstances need a choice, Logic offers accelerated services delivery for multiple Oracle Cloud Services applications.

In addition, Logic has created three product bundles for key retail segments: Grocery, Fashion, and Hardlines.



Grocers need accurate information to make key decisions:

  • Which items should I include and/or remove from my assortments?
  • How can I improve my shelf space allocation to reduce lost sales and improve performance of certain products?
  • How can I better manage fresh items and expiration dates to reduce spoilage?

These decisions should be based on hard data, not a “gut feeling”

When reviewing key information, it’s easy for retailers to get lost in vast quantities of data from multiple sources. Other times, the opposite is true: a lack of information makes it nearly impossible to make key business decisions in an informed manner.

For better business management, grocery retailers need more accurate planning, forecasting, optimization processes and tools to support decision making with key data.

Solution: Data-based decision-making tools to improve strategic positioning and daily operations: Increase sales, reduce shrink, build client loyalty, optimize stock levels and raise margins.

Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Cloud Service (MFP) improves the planning and control of sales, stock levels and margin. By consolidating all relevant information, MFP makes it easier to track and manage merchandise performance against the financial goals of the company .

Oracle Retail Assortment Planning Optimization (APO) improves category management by leveraging data from multiple sources to create optimized, customer-centric and targeted assortments. With these fact-based ‘smart’ assortments, you can quickly identify the impacts of adding or removing items from a category. APO also improves shelf space allocation based on item sales and the reduction of lost sales due to expiration dates and shrinkage, thanks to the periodic replacement of underperforming items.

Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting Cloud Service (RDF) provides a single point of forecasting to assist not only in planning activities, but also in the replenishment processes. RDF also makes it easier to adjust forecasts to correct for out-of-stocks, and improve forecast accuracy for promoted and non-promoted items.



If there’s one constant in the world of fashion, it’s change. Seasons change and trends quickly come and go – and a brand’s success is often dictated by how quickly they react while keeping core customers happy.

  • My assortments are constantly changing, how can I effectively plan for each season?
  • Lead times are always a challenge: I need to define the right collection and place orders far enough in advance so that items arrive in time to receive in our distribution centers, allocate the right quantities to each store and sell as much as we can at full-price before the next season comes in.
  • If I don’t get it right, we’re overstocked on items we can’t sell, which leads to margin-killing markdowns.
  • Or, if I don’t order enough, we’re understocked, which has serious impact on chain-wide sales and frustrates our customers and affects brand loyalty.

Solution: Powerful forecasting tools combined with cutting-edge data science power better assortments and optimize product-lifecycle pricing to protect margins

With Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Cloud Service (MFP) and Oracle Retail Assortment Planning Optimization (AP) solutions, fashion retailers can leverage detailed historical data, powerful forecasting, and cutting-edge data science to develop accurate, financial and assortment plans that both delight customers and drive enterprise-wide profitability.

Even when product lifecycles don’t go as planned, Oracle Retail’s Clearance Optimization Engine (COE), can simplify the clearance process – reacting when an item isn’t selling as expected and automatically suggest new prices to protect margin.



Whether they sell hardware, home furnishings, electronics, jewelry, sporting goods or other durable goods, there’s no doubt that hardline retailers face complex management challenges;

  • How can I better manage seasonal, short lifecycle items?
  • Is there a way to balance this with core long-life items which require frequent replenishment?
  • What about high value, low turnover products?

With so much detail to consider (assortment, placement, pricing, promotions, competition, product life-cycle, etc.) it’s not surprising that hard goods retailers may feel that they’re drowing in data (or perhaps the opposite is true: they’re lost due to not having enough of the right information.)

Solution: Advanced tools to manage complex product assortments, optimize inventory levels, and increase margins

Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Cloud Service (MFP) improves planning to control stock levels and margin by incorporating up-to-date sales information, making it easier to track and manage item performance against corporate financial plans.

Oracle Retail Assortment Planning Optimization (APO) leverages data from multiple sources to improve category management. With optimized, targeted, ‘smart’ assortments, you can quickly identify the impacts of changing assortments with “what-if” analyses.

Oracle Retail Item Planning Cloud Service (IP) supports the planning and control of high-value items, along with overall item and product lifecycle performance. Prevent revenue-draining overstocks and lost sales due to stockouts.

Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting Cloud Service (RDF) provides one view of the entire forecast: efficiently execute planning and replenishment processes across the entire product line.


Regardless of your unique business model, Logic has a solution to fit your needs. You can choose to selectively implement components of the Oracle Retail suite, knowing your entire Cloud-based system can be easily scaled up or down as your needs change. You can rest easy knowing that your retail infrastructure is primed to run at peak efficiency today, yet prepared for whatever comes tomorrow. And our deep experience successfully delivering solutions for retailers across the globe gives you the peace of mind which only comes from working with a partner you can trust. 


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