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According to Archibald Alexander, "Nature never makes any blunders, when she makes a fool she means it". The same can probably be said of the retail market right now. Retail fad concepts come and go on a pace that can boggle the mind. But make no mistake, there is no substitute for the...

In previous editions, we have explored the very real effect that innovation can have on the market and how entrepreneurial companies are leveraging innovation and the internet to drive competition out of the marketplace.

This has taken place with companies like Netflix, which rather...


At this time of year, the emphasis for most consumers is on getting their holiday shopping done with the least amount of time and trouble. So the key for most retailers is to provide...


Winston Churchill is credited with saying "To improve is to change, to become perfect is to change often". While a long way from perfection, the online holiday trends we are seeing this...


It is rather impressive. The rise of cloud computing, that is. But even more interesting are the companies that have leveraged cloud computing and cloud delivery of services as an...