Implementation Services by Logic

Logic offers a range of implementation approaches fully tailored to your goals, the needs of your organization and your vision for the future. From fully-custom to fully-packaged, Logic has an implementation plan that’s a perfect fit for helping your business achieve retail success.

Transformational Programs

Logic’s proprietary methodology, LogicWorksSM, is built on PMI standards and specifically developed to manage the challenges related to implementing Oracle Retail software. Transformational programs involve partnership between Logic and its retail customers to determine relevant functionality from the Oracle Retail suite. Business processes are reviewed in detail in to align the Oracle Retail application suite to each retailer’s specific needs. In short, your enterprise implements exactly what it’s looking for and Logic doesn’t stop until your vision is successfully achieved.

Accelerated Implementation by Logic

Accelerated Implementation by Logic is the fastest and most affordable way to get the power of Oracle Retail into the hands of your business. Implementations that typically took one to two years can now be accomplished in six to nine months because, for many retailers, base Oracle Retail functionality matches 90% or more of their existing business needs.

Recognizing this, Accelerated Implementation by Logic leverages Oracle Retail’s industry best practices as guiding principles, only looking to identify and address the most significant gaps between a retailer’s existing business processes and Oracle Retail’s defaults. Retailers are enabled to take full advantage of Logic’s pre-built Oracle Retail assets including project plans, data conversion tools, test scripts, interfaces, training materials and more.

The result is maximum value from your Oracle Retail system in minimal time – so you can focus on using your new solutions to grow the business.

To learn more, download the Accelerated Implementation by Logic brochure.