Managed Services by Logic

Managed Services by Logic is a comprehensive Oracle Retail support offering that frees your core IT and business personnel from troubleshooting application issues so they can focus on day-to-day responsibilities and strategic initiatives.

Turn to the Oracle Retail Support Experts

Logic’s managed services and support experts combine their technical skills with deep retail business knowledge and years of experience, delivering Oracle Retail support that’s more effective, efficient and flexible than any other approach. With Managed Services by Logic, You can reap the benefits of the Oracle Retail Suite with predictable and manageable costs, without the risks of retaining full time staff to meet fluctuating demand for support.

Custom Tailor Your Support Solution

You choose how much and what components of the Oracle Retail Suite Logic supports for you. From individual modules to the entire suite, the choice is yours.

Comprehensive and Flexible Oracle Retail Support Options

Managed Services by Logic enables to you select from among the following support services, with the services you choose provided at one, packaged monthly price:

  • Batch monitoring
  • Issue management
  • Performance
  • Hosting support
  • Application maintenance and patching
  • Custom support offerings

End-to-End Support

With Managed Services by Logic, you get a comprehensive support solution spanning the entire Oracle Retail application footprint as well as every level of the IT delivery stack. By reducing your internal support burden and keeping your systems running smoothly, Logic helps deliver a competitive edge to your enterprise, wherever you operate around the globe.

To learn more, download the Managed Services by Logic brochure.