Make Curbside Pickup a Breeze with Logic's Geolocation Services Solution

Call or Text from the parking lot? Your customers (and store associates) deserve better!

With social distancing forcing shoppers to go from browsing in-store to click-and-collect, the customer experience has been… a bit inconsistent.

Shoppers like Kim are now regularly shopping online for essential items, but it’s been frustrating because of common irritations like third-party apps, pickup timeslots, texting or calling from the parking lot, and long wait times. However, a few stores have curbside processes that are faster and easier for her, and these are quickly becoming her go-to favorites.

Unfortunately, curbside pick-up has been difficult for retailers. It’s hard to know when Kim is arriving, so having her order ready-to-go is a challenge. Once the “ready for pickup” notification goes out, it’s a black hole until Kim arrives.

Enter Logic’s Geolocation Services solution. It alerts your stores in real time with Kim’s ETA, order number, store location, and arrival time. This data helps associates effectively prioritize so her order is queued and ready. And if she gets to the store 5 minutes early, or makes another stop on the way, she can easily update her pickup. This means no more texting or calling from the parking lot.

This easy-to-deploy, SaaS solution can be delivered in as little as three days. This will lead to fewer customer cancellations and expanded workforce planning capability in-store. At the corporate level, you also gain the ability to analyze geofencing data for each store. This highlights where your customers are from, allowing you to better target sales promotions.

Call or email Logic today to learn more — Kim (and your store associates) will thank you.