Employee Perspective: Paula Such

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Paula is a Project Manager and Consultant here at Logic. We recently discussed her experiences working at Logic, her career path, and advice for working with clients in the fast-paced retail space.

What is unique about Logic’s culture that has helped you grow within your career?

“Working with Logic was the beginning of my consulting career, and with it being a boutique consulting firm, I had opportunities to grow faster than I would have with a larger corporation. I was encouraged to be flexible with projects and roles so I was able to learn on a holistic level. I believe this makes me a well-rounded consultant. There is also a small-company feeling of ‘family’ here. Everyone is very approachable – it’s easy to reach out to anyone for questions or advice.”

How does Logic allow you to contribute and be yourself?

“Logic invests in you as an individual and works hard to align your talents, strengths and goals with project opportunities. For example, I was originally hired as a business consultant, but because of my communication and organization skills, plus a positive attitude and willingness to learn, I have taken on project management responsibilities as well. This adds to my job satisfaction and our customers’ satisfaction because I can contribute to our projects in a meaningful way, using my unique strengths.”

What is an example of how you work in real-time?

“Things move very fast in retail, and projects have to move just as fast. This speed enhances the direct impact you make as a consultant to any project because our clients must trust our advice so they can make decisions quickly and effectively. I have found it helps to manage expectations through frequent, fact-based conversations. Being honest with your client and mitigating situations positively improves the relationship over time, leading to the trust required of a fast-paced project.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Logic?

“The wonderful people – both fellow Logicians and my customers. I have had the opportunity to work with all sorts of retailers in various roles. I learn something new about retail every day, and am energized by sharing these experiences. We are encouraged to continuously develop ourselves and others, which is reflected in our teams’ expertise.”

What is your team like and how do you work together?

“Our team works very hard to do what’s right for the customer. When things do not go as planned, we don’t place blame on anyone, we simply move forward with finding a solution. As a team, we reflect on what we did well and what we can improve.”

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