Building the Bridge Between Online & Stores

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Most retailers have embraced the potential of digital, but the back-office realities to make today’s customer journeys possible are not always optimal. Retail leaders are constantly trying to answer the question, “How can I improve my omnichannel execution while streamlining new processes without getting stuck in a costly 5-year roadmap of systems rip & replace?” Retailers are looking for an … Read More

Location Services for Curbside Pickup

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Address click and collect challenges for BOPIS orders that your customers are encountering when they arrive at the store. Logic offers a Curbside Pickup Location-based Solution leveraging geofencing technology. Through an embedded URL into the brand’s “ready for pickup” communication, your customers can simply advise their status via the SMS or email link: “On My Way,” “I Have Arrived,” or “I’m Not … Read More

Retail is simple if you listen to your customers

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Retail is simple if you listen to your customers. Logic has been listening for over 20 years, helping retailers match the right technology to the right business processes for smoother customer journeys and better business outcomes. You want to succeed in today’s retail environment? Three words… Engaging. Customer. Journeys. Make sure you have mobile tools, especially those that can recommend anniversary gifts from my wife’s favorite stores via text messaging or chat … Read More