Webinar: Taking Retail Pricing to the Next Level: Four Proven Levers to Deliver Customer Centric Pricing

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Taking Retail Pricing to the Next Level: Four Proven Levers Driving Customer Centric Pricing

In the retail industry today, responding to economic pressures and disruptors requires agility. And agility starts with visibility. With AI powered solutions available at your fingertips, you can increase margins and make data driven decisions that deliver the right prices to your customers despite fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, and changing customer preferences.

Note: This event occurred on May 11, 2023 but you can view it on demand now.

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Join us as Logic’s Global Managing Director of Data and Analytics, Graeme McVie and Samuel Walters, DemandTec’s Director of Global Consulting Services, walk you through:

  • Crafting unique AI-powered pricing strategies to navigate the challenges of the dynamic retail landscape.
  • Four proven levers retailers can deploy today to deliver smarter pricing at scale and pace.
  • Driving seamless implementation and training for continuous improvement that optimizes margins and fosters growth.


Graham McVie
Graeme McVie

Global Managing Director, Data & Analytics, Logic
In his capacity as Global Managing Director of Logic’s Data practice, Graeme helps our clients leverage their data and analytics to make decisions that ensure competitive success. Graeme is an established thought leader with deep domain knowledge in the retail and consumer brands sectors. He’s an expert in advanced analytics in the areas of merchandise planning and optimization, shopper centricity, retailer/supplier collaboration, and customer segmentation.


Samuel Walters
Samuel Walters

Director, Global Consulting Services, DemandTec by Acoustic
Samuel Walters, a transformational leader and veteran of the retail industry, brings 35+ years of experience across a broad range of business challenges to lead the Global Consulting team at DemandTec by Acoustic. He works directly with retailers and key partners to develop and deploy practical strategies to unlock new value and competitive opportunities for retailers and manufacturers.


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