US Beauty Retailer Live On Oracle Retail V15 Category Management

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Logic has successfully rolled out another @OracleRetail v15 Category Management project at a leading US beauty retailer. The client was looking to standardize processes across all departments to create a more seamless shopping experience. The Category Management tool will help this retailer analyze historical product performance, build future assortments and analyze product performance in-season, all at the brand and fixture … Read More

“Christmas Creep” And The Evolution Of Black Friday

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A couple weeks ago, I received a tantalizing email offer for $150 off purchases of $500 or more at I wavered over the decision of whether to splurge on the vintage emerald ring I’ve been eyeing for nearly a year, or hold out a little longer, and hope that a better deal would arrive on Back Friday. Black Friday, … Read More

Is Ken Bone The New Kate Middleton?

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Has the Kate Middleton Effect been replaced by the Ken Bone Effect? Maybe for the next 15 minutes. With all the things that could be effected by a presidential debate, there’s one thing people don’t usually think of, a retailer’s supply chain. During the back and forth discussion of the two candidates in the second debate, one person that has … Read More

The Race To Retail Dominance Escalates

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Similar to the fierce competition being exhibited in the pool at the Rio Olympics, two of the largest retailers in the world (Walmart and Amazon) are closely monitoring each other’s progress and appear to be doubling down on their investments in logistics and supply chain cost management. Walmart (#1) has made the latest move in this chess match for retail dominance … Read More

Prescriptive Approach Blog Post

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Is Prescriptive The Cure For What Ails You? For decades, we’ve all been looking for ways to reduce the time and cost of complicated software implementations. There has been a lot of progress over the years, but we’ve also seen a lot of empty promises. For retailers looking to get up and running with Oracle’s suite efficiently, there is a … Read More

A “Logical” Strategy for Growth

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Buying a pair of jeans seems like a simple transation. Money is exchanged, the sale is recorded and both cashier and customer move on. However, a lot of complex technology goes into making retail stores run smoothly. A purchase may trigger a reorder or indicate a price threshold has been reached. It might alert the retailer that the last of … Read More