Retail is simple if you listen to your customers

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Retail is simple if you listen to your customers.

Logic has been listening for over 20 years, helping retailers match the right technology to the right business processes for smoother customer journeys and better business outcomes.

You want to succeed in today’s retail environment? Three words… Engaging. Customer. Journeys.

Make sure you have mobile tools, especially those that can recommend anniversary gifts from my wife’s favorite stores via text messaging or chat bot, whichever. Leverage a 360-degree view of my customer profile so I get exceptional service in store. Give me an automatic ordering option with a subscription service that lets me edit my frequencies and volumes based on past purchases and seasonality — like football season, baseball season, hockey season…  And never let it lack of visibility across your inventory pools
come between me and a new pair shoes.


It’s so nice when a salesperson can help me find what I’m looking for. Especially when I’m shopping for my grandson. I don’t always know what that thing I’ve got on my list is. I like it when my daughter or grandson use one of those online wishlist tools. That makes it so much easier to shop. One time I forgot my list, and the lady in the store was able to help me look it up and print it out right there, I didn’t even have to drive home!


I go shopping with my mom a lot, but we usually go places like the grocery store, and that’s kind of boring. Sometimes my dad takes me shopping, and we’ll go to the sports store or the game store. Shopping in the store is nice because I can bring my stuff home right away. But I like shopping online because there are more choices. I don’t really like to wait for it to come in the mail, though.


I’m not really a computer guy, never really got into them. I move around a lot from site to site, it’s not like I’m spending time behind a desk. But I do use my phone a lot, it’s so much easier now than it used to be. It’s great that I can set text reminders for those special days I used to forget. And I can even order stuff right off my phone, and now they make it so I can even swing by the store and just go to the counter and pick it up on my way home. It’s easy, I like that.


I’m a busy guy—between work, coaching, running my girls to practice and catching my son’s games, I forget to write things on the list. My wife gets mad at me, but now you can do this auto-reorder thing, it’s pretty convenient. I just set a time between deliveries, and—bam! I don’t even have to remember to write it on the list anymore. I saw those button things, I don’t get that. Why would I want some hunk of plastic stuck to my fridge so I can reorder coffee and soda? It’s weird.


I have my favorite stores, and I shop at them a lot. At some of them, the store employees seem to really know what I like when I come in. I’ll go in the dressing room, or try on shoes, and they’re bringing me my favorite colors and styles that just fit me so well. It makes me feel like I’m shopping in one of those high-end luxury boutiques where you have a personal shopper. I think I shop more now, too, just because it’s so convenient.


I just got some gift cards for my birthday, and I was super excited I saw these boots on on Instagram, they were so lit! I had them pinned on my back2school board, but when I went to buy them, they were all sold out! I was so bummed, but then I did a search and found that another store had them so I went there and — yay! — got the boots! They fit my aesthetic.


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