Logic’s Omnichannel Expertise

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Logic has helped some of the fastest growing retailers expand their sales capabilities through successful omnichannel implementations with the Oracle OmniChannel Suite (Customer Engagement, Order Broker, Order Management). We’ve heard the common feedback from retailers as to what their business needs to support omnichannel, including:

  • The need for real-time updates of inventory, order and customer data
  • Configurable business rules for systems to choose the most cost efficient and probable location for successful delivery to the customer
  • Access to an intuitive workflow and order fulfillment dashboards for processing exception scenarios
  • Applications that allow the customer’s shopping journey to be continued between channels (shared cart between the POS/Mobile/Web)
  • Configurable omnichannel systems that support a global platform supporting multiple brands

Brick and mortar is still an important strategy and there is an added importance at the POS to provide a seamless customer experience. That is why it is alarming when we see retailers that have implemented Oracle’s Xstore POS but haven’t fully utilized the omnichannel capability of the remaining suite including Order BrokerCustomer Engagement, and Order Management. Logic has the most skilled and experienced consultants within the industry to support these products and a successful implementation. We are proud of the work that our team has accomplished.

Retailers have made significant investments into their omnichannel technologies. Now their board of directors and even more important, customers, want to reap the full rewards of a connected shopping experience.

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