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Snowflake is the leading cloud data platform, powering the insights retailers and consumer brands need with scalability, flexibility, and elasticity—at a fraction of the cost.
Snowflake Premier Services Partner
Discover the Power of the Data Cloud

As a Snowflake Premier Services Partner, Logic helps retailers unlock the value of their data. Logicians are retail experts first—we apply our specialized knowledge and industry best-practices to reporting and advanced analytics leveraging the Snowflake platform.

Partnership Competencies

We Make Your Data Speak Retail

Logicians are experts in deploying Snowflake for retailers: we know best practices for everything from data governance, data strategy, and key metrics to technical expertise in areas such as platform configuration, data integration, extract, transform, and load (ETL), and more.

Global Partner

Global Partner

Retail & CPG

Retail & CPG Specialization

Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing Specialization

Retail Data Model

Logic Retail Data Model

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Solutions Built for Retail

Logic offers proven best-practices for retail analytics to help retailers achieve speed-to-market with Snowflake.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Migrate your existing on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake.

Data Foundation

Robling Data Foundation

Accelerate BI and data science for the agile, modern, data-driven retail enterprise.

Merchandising Analytics

Merchandising Analytics

Get the most from your inventory by optimizing product assortments and allocation.
Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Efficiently manage suppliers, orders, fulfillment methods and more.
Customer Analytics

Customer & Marketing Analytics

Respond quickly to customer needs and optimize your promotions strategies .
Store Analytics

Store and Digital Analytics

Gain key insights into omnichannel customer journeys across multiple touchpoints.
“The Snowflake platform gives retailers the power and flexibility to unlock the insights needed to compete in next-generation retail. Logic is committed to providing consulting and delivery capabilities around the world to help retailers succeed in understanding their customers and their complex omnichannel journeys.”
Graeme McVie, Global Managing Director, Data

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