Location Services for Curbside Pickup

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Address click and collect challenges for BOPIS orders that your customers are encountering when they arrive at the store. Logic offers a Curbside Pickup Location-based Solution leveraging geofencing technology. Through an embedded URL into the brand’s “ready for pickup” communication, your customers can simply advise their status via the SMS or email link: “On My Way,” “I Have Arrived,” or “I’m Not … Read More

Rethinking Millennial Marketing: How to Win Over this Elusive Group

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I see an article in the Marketing section of every magazine or blog every week about how to appeal to the Millennial generation. The quest to profile and quantify this elusive group is seen as the “holy grail” of modern Marketing – no other generation has been quite like this one. The Outdated School of Marketing: What does Each Generation Want? … Read More