Introducing the New Logic: Built for Post-Pandemic Retail

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Bill Szlaius
By Bill Szlaius
Chief Executive Officer, Acting Chief Strategy Officer
Logic Information Systems

Retail has undergone unprecedented change over the past two years. To continue to be an outstanding partner to our retail clients, now and into the future, Logic has transformed the way we work. I’m pleased to introduce to you an all-new Logic. We’ve redesigned our organization and invested heavily to meet the demands of post-pandemic retail. The first phase of communicating these changes is our relaunched website, explaining the new Logic.

Logic’s transformation is a direct response to what we’re seeing in the industry and hearing from clients. Here are four major market forces we’re observing:

  • Colliding Channels and Evolving Customer Expectations

    With changing demographics and changing shopping behavior, we were already working with our customers to support a “commerce anywhere world” prior to Covid — but the pandemic accelerated the trend at an astronomical pace. And now that consumers have returned to stores, Logic is working with our clients to exceed customer expectations for a completely seamless experience across all channels.

  • Supply Chain Disruption: Empty Shelves and Overflowing Shelves

    For the first time in our lifetime, supply chain has become a phrase in the vocabulary of the average citizen. Our clients have been asking Logic to help understand how they can best mitigate supply chain challenges, create new supply chain efficiencies, and how we might help them enact strategies to prepare for future challenges.

  • Record Inflation: Margin Maintenance During Pricing Turmoil

    Our clients are feeling the pressure that inflation is placing on consumer price sensitivity as well as labor costs. Additionally, many are saddled with antiquated systems that hamper operational efficiency and require costly maintenance. Logic is helping clients understand and manage costs of new business models, develop merchandising strategies that can help recapture margin, and designing cost-saving cloud & managed services strategies.

  • The Great Resignation: Vacancies That Can’t be Filled

    Record numbers of retail employees have walked away from their jobs over the last two years. The effects can be felt at the store, in the warehouse, and all the way up to senior management. From marketing, merchandising and supply chain all the way to IT, retail teams must do more with less. Logic is helping clients develop new processes and technology that drive operational efficiencies—and provide better employee experiences that can help attract and retain talent.

Building on a Successful Foundation

To better partner with you in addressing the rapidly changing retail market landscape, Logic is transforming how we work with our clients.

First, Logic will continue to leverage its deep retail experience and strong delivery culture as we deliver our best-in-class retail focused consulting services. We will do so by continuously building on the best practices and accelerators we’ve developed over the last 25 years, working with more than 150 leading retailers around the world. We’ll also be expanding our expertise, capability and partnerships across the areas of retail most important to building a successful future for your enterprise.

Major Investments in Our Strategic Consulting Capability

Second, we’ve made a major investment in growing our strategic consulting capability. We have added significantly to our executive consulting ranks, bringing in practice leads and new regional leads who are experts in functional areas and understand geographic fit.

Now, from concept to completion, Logic will be aligned with you on achieving business outcomes – not solely delivering a technology project to spec, on time and on budget. By leaning on Logic in both strategic and execution phases of your initiatives, you have a partner who can guide you towards effective strategies that have the highest probabilities of successful execution when applied in the real world.

Four Strategic Practices: Digital, Merchandising, Data, Cloud

Logic’s strategic work is now aligned across four new integrated practices, designed to bring together under one roof the most critical disciplines for succeeding in the modern retail landscape:

  • 01 Digital – helping you exceed expectations for great shopping experiences and unifying all your customers journeys
  • 02 Merchandising – enabling you to master retail fundamentals including supply chain, planning and more
  • 03 Data – helping you leverage insights in to all areas of your business to drive loyalty, efficiency and profitability
  • 04 Cloud – modernizing your infrastructure and setting a foundation for growth and agility while lowering costs

Let’s dig into each practice a little further and I’ll also introduce you to our new leaders at the heart of each practice.

01 Logic’s Digital Practice

Logic’s Digital practice aims to move you up the maturity curve of the retail customer experience—across all channels—to achieve benefits such as increased conversion, average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value. We do this by partnering with you to deliver outstanding experiences across digital and store through the development and execution of your unified commerce strategy and roadmap.

01 Digital

The practice’s capabilities encompass both ecommerce and store commerce including POS, omnichannel enablement, product information management (PIM), inventory visibility, intelligence and systems architecture.

The Digital practice is led by Xavier Mougeot who has spent his 20+ year career as a digital commerce entrepreneur and executive. He’s launched more than 50 enterprise commerce properties and leverages that experience to advise clients of all sizes, from high growth scaleups to Fortune 500.

02 Logic’s Merchandising Practice

The Merchandising practice focuses on your fundamental retail operations, enabling more profitable customer-centric merchandising decisions, improving inventory efficiency, and boosting performance of markdown and promotional plans. We do this by partnering with you to design and enact state-of-the art-processes that sense modern consumer demand patterns, allow you to efficiently plan and manage inventory, and gain visibility and control at every level of the supply chain.

02 Merchandising

The practice’s capabilities span planning, merchandising (including assortment, price, promotion and space) and supply chain.

The practice is led by Grant Wright who brings 20+ years in retail technology leadership roles as a practitioner and consultant including as a former merchandise planning executive at Harvey Nichols & Bloomingdale’s and a solution architect at 7-Eleven. Grant has led dozens of successful multi-project planning, merchandising and supply chain implementations across nearly every type of retailer.

03 Logic’s Data Practice

The mission of Logic’s Data practice is to help transform your organization into the intelligence-driven retail enterprise that wins with customers and outperforms the competition – providing the data insights that power personalized customer experiences, customer-centric merchandising, accurate supply chain forecasting and more.

03 Data

The practice’s capabilities span data integration, analytical data stores, BI & reporting, data science (AI/ML) and analytics-as-a-service.

The Data practice is led by Graeme McVie who has spent more than 25 years focused on analytics and technology for retail and CPG. He has served as a client-facing executive at leading retail analytics firms including DemandTec, APT, Symphony IRI, Precima, 1010data and Optoro, and also served as a management consultant with Bain & Co.

04 Logic’s Cloud Practice

The Cloud practice aims to drastically reduce your infrastructure spend, greatly accelerate technical & business agility, maximize uptime SLAs and reduce total cost of ownership.

04 Cloud

The practice is certified on all major cloud platforms and its capabilities span migration, replatforming, containerization, data pipelines, serverless architectures, security and more. The practice also defines and governs the industry-leading best practices for Logic’s managed service offerings.

The cloud practice is led by Tony Rost who brings 20+ years as a practitioner and leader in cloud and managed services. Tony has served as vCTO/vCIO of Sony, Disney, Fox, Warner Brothers and Paramount. He has implemented global delivery models in Europe and the Americas and has served in leadership roles across sales, marketing and product management.

Already Delivering Results

Over the past months, Logic’s practices have already successfully engaged with select clients to define aggressive business goals and design & execute on new strategies to achieve them. The technology we’re helping apply and deploy is exciting, and the real-world results are helping our clients thrive in the face of disruption.

Let’s have a conversation and see if, working together, we can achieve similar results. To get started, reach out to your Logic account lead today, or contact us directly.

Bill Szlaius is Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer of Logic. Under Bill’s leadership as CEO, Logic has enjoyed more than 25 years of successful growth, delivering outstanding value to clients and tirelessly pursuing 100% customer satisfaction. In his dual role as Chief Strategy Officer, Bill leads the formation of Logic’s strategic direction to address the retail industry’s most pressing needs and solve client problems.

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