Logic and Orckestra Form a Partnership to Extend Market Reach

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Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX:MDF), a SaaS leader in digital commerce technologies, is proud to announce a partnership with Logic Information Systems Inc., a global leader in retail consulting. Moving forward, Logic will become a channel partner by offering Mediagrif’s Orckestra solutions to its retail clients, amplifying Mediagrif’s sales capacities and ability to scale. This partnership is in line with Mediagrif’s goal of accelerated growth, which is a central element of its strategic plan.

Since 1997, Logic has been trusted by leading retailers around the world to provide the guidance and skills they need to succeed. This commitment has brought Logic and Orckestra together to collaborate toward their shared vision of enabling the most engaging digital shopping experiences across all channels including mobile, the web, and in-store.

The partnership will allow Logic to use Orckestra to expand their offering to omnichannel e-commerce, unified product management, order management, and fulfillment solutions to help their clients overcome the challenges of digital retail.

“The retail industry needs solutions that provide agility without re-platforming, a way to achieve a viable path to true digital and omnichannel transformation while maximizing existing investments,” says Amber Naqvi, Logic’s President. “Orckestra’s solutions can help achieve these goals for Logic, which we see as a great benefit to our retail community.”

The partnership extends Mediagrif’s market reach and customer alignment. Logic will contribute to the development and integration of Mediagrif’s e-Commerce solutions to help to position Orckestra as the optimal omnichannel digital platform for retailers with multiple brands across various markets.

“We have tremendous respect for Logic’s work and the value they bring to their many clients around the world,” says Louis Mousseau, President, e-Commerce at Mediagrif. “We are looking to increase our capacity to deliver a higher volume of projects for our clients and Logic has the knowledge, expertise, and passion to make it happen.”

About Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.

Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX:MDF) enables the flow of commerce by providing a broad set of SaaS solutions that optimize and accelerate commercial interactions between buyers and sellers. Our platforms and services empower businesses around the world, allowing them to generate billions of dollars in transactions on an annual basis. Our strategic sourcing, e-commerce, supply chain collaboration and e-marketplace solutions are supported by a strong and dedicated team of more than 600 employees based in Canada, the United States, Denmark, Ukraine and China. For more information, please visit us at www.mediagrif.com, follow us on LinkedIn or call at 1-877-677-9088.

About Logic Information Systems

Logic Information Systems has been solving retail business problems for over 20 years. What sets the company apart is its approach: Logic applies a consumer-centric lens towards the creation and execution of Omnichannel Strategies and Digital Transformation. With offices in more than 10 countries and 700+ employees, Logic has empowered more than 150 brands worldwide with the knowledge and support to deliver world-class experiences for customers.

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