Ralph Lauren, Maurices and Bealls Execs Tackle AI for Retail

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From quick wins to long-term strategy, retail c-suite leaders discuss their AI journeys and where they plan to go next. When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), retailers are at a tipping point. Until now, most have made only modest progress toward incorporating AI into their operations. However, the launches of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools this year have … Read More

“ChatGPT for Retail, by ChatGPT”

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→ Visit part 1 of this blog, Top 5 AI Algorithms Retailers Already Use Every Day The entire blog below was written by GPT-4 May 3 release, without human editing. The three images were generated by Midjourney (Model Version 5.1), also without human editing.

Team Logic Rides for a World Free of Multiple Sclerosis

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For Logicians, giving back to our local communities is an important part of our team culture and who we are as individuals. The Bike MS: MS 150 Minnesota 2022, back from hiatus due COVID-19, has become an annual tradition for Logicians headquartered in Minneapolis.