Forrester Research names Oracle Retail a Leader in Point of Service

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With a demonstrated strength in mobile extensions, back-office functionality, and the architecture to deliver resilient, responsive, modern, cloud and mobile POS deployments, Oracle is a best-fit for sophisticated international retailers.

At Logic, we’ve seen first-hand how retailers are benefitting from POS system upgrades: The retail industry is investing heavily in Point of Service solutions; it’s widely viewed as a way to address many of the main challenges of delivering high-quality in-store customer experiences (CX), increase customer loyalty, and streamline the purchase and returns processes for customers.

With a demonstrated strength in mobile extensions, back-office functionality, and the architecture to deliver resilient, responsive, modern, cloud and mobile POS deployments, Oracle is a best-fit for sophisticated international retailers.

More and more, retail organizations view business applications vendors as strategic partners who can help them along the complex journey that is modern retail. “Omnichannel retailers are challenged with creating differentiated customer experiences that convert sales, drive loyalty and personalize service,” said Jeff Warren, Vice President of Strategy at Oracle Retail. Logic fills the role of strategic advisor for retailers ranging from young, fast-growing organizations to well-established, iconic brands. Regardless of store footprint or retail vertical, all are looking for ways to stay ahead and remain relevant with lightening-fast pace of modern retail.

Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Business leaders around the world rely on their research to help them make critical decisions and lead change within their organizations.

In their recent report, The Forrester Wave: Point Of Service, Q3 2018, the analysts evaluated the top 13 POS software providers and ranked them based on 25 separate criteria. Oracle Retail was identified as a leader in point of sale solutions due to “…demonstrated strength in mobile extensions, back-office functionality, and the architecture to deliver resilient, responsive, modern, cloud and mobile POS deployments. Oracle clients offered a positive view of Oracle’s global footprint, stability and architecture… Oracle is a best-fit for sophisticated international retailers.”

Logic is not surprised by our partners at Oracle ranking at the top of this list.

Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service: Robust Functionality, Optimized for Mobile

Logic’s experience integrating POS systems supports Forrester’s findings. Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service (Xstore POS) is a resilient, modern POS system which delivers responsive, mobile innovation. Retail associates are better able to meet customers’ needs through improved inventory visibility, customer intelligence, and seamless online-to-in-store transactions.

Rapid Deployment: Oracle’s pre-integrated omnichannel suite saves significant time and money for retailers; instead of the building of the entire back-end integration between order management, CRM, POS, and ecommerce systems, they can focus on configuring the applications to best meet their business needs. Logic can unlock the potential to deliver complex customer shopping journeys within weeks or months – not years.

Sophisticated, Flexible Omnichannel Journeys: Associates have the tools and information they need to meet modern customer expectations and deliver a superior experience. With the ability to add multiple order types in a single transaction and split line / split item during fulfilment, store associates can sell down to the very last item on their customer’s list.

Single View of the Customer: Shoppers share their preferences in many ways: wish-lists, through mobile applications, and items that are sitting in their online shopping baskets. This first-hand data is brought together within Oracle Retail Customer Insights Cloud Service and Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Service help retailers understand what a specific customer wants, and when they want it.

Personalization: Personalized offers are the path forward for retailers looking to succeed. With the stronger integration between Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Service, retailers can personalize offers and increase sell-through rates. For electronics, mobile communications providers, or other service vendors, customer entitlements are offered as out-of-the-box functionality.

Modern Mobile Retailing: Xstore POS gives store associates the mobility they need to engage with customers on the sales floor – where the purchasing decisions take place. Shared peripherals (printers, PIN pads, and even the cash drawer) make it possible to significantly increase capacity while reducing overall deployment costs.

Secure Payments: Retailers gain a secure, abstracted payment solution which can enable faster adoption of emerging payment technologies without the burden of PCI DSS overheads.

Unlock a Global Footprint: Xstore POS addresses the multiple complex requirements for retailers to localize operations around the world through configuration and prepackaged accelerators.

Streamline Retail Fraud Investigations: With Oracle Retail XBRi, retail loss prevention professionals can pinpoint new sources of risk and deliver reports that support investigations and case-building activities through enhanced POS integrations.

Unlock the full potential of your stores with retail POS solutions delivered by Logic

Unlock the full potential of your stores with Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service solutions delivered by Logic
Our retail clients are gaining advantages from better access to their organization’s data, whether it’s major updates that support “phygital” shopping journeys or improved integration with customer loyalty and marketing programs (customers love to get a discount even if they forgot their coupons at home.) Being able to provide your store associates with an easier, more intuitive interface is icing on the cake – they spend less time fighting with old technology and more time focused on your customers.
If your retail organization is facing challenges with slow POS performance, out-of-date hardware, or if you’re just boxed into a corner with limited integration capabilities, it’s time to consider a POS system upgrade. With the help of Logic’s Oracle Retail expertise, your brand can connect more deeply with customers, support unified operations through converged commerce solutions, and enhance security to optimize your customer journeys.

Now more than ever, retailers are searching for a strategic partner to guide them toward success — That’s why more than 150 brands worldwide chose Logic to raise their retail game to the next level.

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